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                U-crown Industrial Group Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Group, is an innovation-oriented technology enterprise specialized in the R&D, production, sales and pavement of sports field materials, artificial turf, plastic runway, and preschool education equipment. We are one of the major drafting units of Hunan Local Standard DB43/ T1252-2017 General Specification of School Synthetic Material Sports Field Ground Quality Safety and one of the comprehensive research and manufacturing enterprises supporting foreign countries designated by the Ministry of Commerce. We have passed the IAAF certification, the ITF certification, the CCEL certification, authorized using certificate of China Green Material Labeling, Enterprise Production Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Safety Production Standardization Three-level Enterprise Certificate, Foreign Trade Operator Record Registration Form, etc., and have been become a member unit of Hunan Government Procurement Association and a designated sports material procurement unit of many provincial governments around China. Under the group, there is the subsidiary Hunan U-crown Sports Material Co., Ltd., Hunan Wuzhou Sports Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hunan Kangpusi Artificial Turf Co., Ltd., Hunan Kedi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan U-crown Sports Field Pavement Technology Service Co., Ltd. and Hunan U-crown Plastic Sports Field Engineering Co., Ltd.
        With a registered capital of RMB 270 million, the Group has a production base of 100,000 square meters, an office area of 6,000 square meters, over 1,500 market service management personnel, and over 6,000 employees working in the U-crown system, with a daily production capacity of 500 tons, an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons, and a pavement capacity of 10 million square meters yearly. The construction footprints of the Group have spread all over China and the products are even exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Australia and other countries. Currently, the Group has set up more than 140 service centers at home and abroad.In December 2015, the revolutionary product “modified TPU sports field material” independently developed by U-crown Industrial Group and published on Social Conditions and Public Opinions, received the important instructions from relevant provincial leaders, including Deputy Director of Hunan Provincial People’s Congress and then Vice Governor Li Zhiyou, the 8th Vice Chairman of Hunan Provincial CPPCC Cai Zixing, and Director General of Hunan Sports Bureau Li Shun. On December 31, 2015, the Group signed a station agreement with the Miluo Industrial Park in Changsha Economic Development Zone. About RMB 250 million was invested in project phase I, realizing the industrialized production of “modified TPU sports field material”.
        On September 13, 2016, Deputy Director of the CPPCC National Committee of Foreign Affairs Liu Peng, Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Governor Xu Dazhe, Director General of Hunan Sports Bureau Li Shun, Deputy Secretary of Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Changsha Mayor Hu Henghua, Secretary General of Changsha Municipal People’s Government Tan Yong, Director General of Changsha Sports Bureau Li Ping, Secretary of Changsha County Party Committee Zeng Chaoqun, Deputy Secretary of the County Committee and Acting County Mayor Zhang Zuolin and other leaders investigated the enterprise’s R&D center, production workshops and other places and asked in detail the enterprise’s situations in terms of production, operation, technology R&D, product technical indicators, foreign and domestic market shares. The national invention patent modified TPU sports field material and China’s first artificial grass and natural grass planting technology attracted great attention from leaders. Director General Liu Peng encouraged Chairman Zhong Gaoming to “continue making innovation in product quality and environmental protection level”, to strive to become a supplier of materials for the Chinese and even global great competition venues, to create a brand famous around China and to make greater contribution to the development of the sports industry.The Group will continue adhering to the tenet of “Pursing Perfection in Doing Things, Being as Good as Water in Being a Person”, make self-transcendence constantly, create new product brand, guarantee the product quality and develop more environmentally-friendly and more advanced products.
        U-crown Platform, Super and Affordable Products – we sincerely serve enterprises engaged in the sports industry.

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