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        Modified TPU All-plastic Runway


        1.Environmental Protection Performance
        Modified TPU sports field material, independently developed by our company, contains no short-chain chlorocosane, benzene, methylbenzene, xylene, free toluene diisocyanate (TDI) or other toxic substances, has no irritating odor, contains no lead, mercury, chrome, cadmium or other heavy metals, and can coexist with giant salamanders that have a rather high requirement on environmental quality. Because of its green and eco-friendly performance, the Proposal on Our Province Takes the Lead in Promoting “Modified TPU Sports Field Material” that Mr. Chairman Zhong Gaoming has participated in was published on Social Conditions and Public Opinions in December 2015 and received important instructions from Then Vice Hunan Provincial Governor Li Youzhi, Director General of Hunan Sports Bureau Li Shun and other relevant provincial leaders.

        2.Product Features
        It is used in the construction of plastic runways and synthetic courts, with the features of inner-closed pore, high gel content, high anti-aging performance, high tensile strength, great flame retardant performance. Its function is in line with the human body mechanics – hard in the top and flexible in the bottom, which can significantly increases the buffering and energy absorption effect and is conducive to prevent sporters’ ankles from being injured.

        3.Authorized Certification
        The product has obtained the IAAF certification certificate, ITF certification certificate, CE certification certificate, authorized using certificate of China Green Material Labeling, CQTA Quality Inspection Certificate, etc.
        Tests made by the state authoritative testing organizations show the product meets:
        (GB / T 14833-2011) “Synthetic Material Runway Surface Layer”
        (GB21027-2007) “General Safety Requirements for Student Supplies”
        (GB18583-2008) “Quantity Limit of Harmful Substances in Interior Decoration Material Adhesive”
        Shanghai Group Standard T/310101002-C003-2016 “Quantity Limit of Harmful Substances in the Plastic Surface Layer of School Sports Grounds”
        Shenzhen Standard (Trial) “Ground Layer Quality Control Standard for Synthetic Material Sports Fields”
        Hunan Provincial Local Standard DB43/T1252-2017 “General Specification for the Ground Layer Quality Safety of School Synthetic Material Sports Fields”
        秒速飞艇技巧 DBJ/13-250-2016 “Fujian Synthetic Material Sports Field Ground Layer Application Technology Regulations”

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