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        Plastic Court Series

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        Three-S Solvent-free Water-based Silicon PU


        (1)Features: Three-S solvent-free water-based silicon PU is the main material of the environmentally-friendly synthetic courts and the third generation of silicon PU product developed by us independently. It breaks through the traditional PU production technology, adds no organic solvents, is odorless, non-toxic, harmless, green, eco-friendly, and features superior performance, strong adhesive strength, excellent elasticity, tensile property, and aging resistance.
        (2)Instructions: Open the barrel, stir and use directly. Add 0.1%-1% water and wait for curing (add less water if the temperature is higher). Each coating thickness cannot exceed 2mm, the coating time interval standard is the previous coating is dry and coat until the coating thinness reaches the designed requirement. Attention should be paid to the leveling effect in the construction of silicone PU court reinforcement layer.
        (3)Scope of Application: The pavement of elastic layers in plastic courts like indoor and outdoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts and other synthetic courts.
        Note: Please pay attention to the local weather conditions during construction. If you have any questions, please consult our technical personnel.

        Authorized Certification
        The product has obtained the IAAF certification certificate, ITF certification certificate, CE certification certificate, authorized using certificate of China Green Material Labeling, CQTA Quality Inspection Certificate, etc.
        Tests made by the state authoritative testing organizations show the product meets:
        (GB / T 14833-2011) “Synthetic Material Runway Surface Layer”
        (GB21027-2007) “General Safety Requirements for Student Supplies”
        (GB18583-2008) “Quantity Limit of Harmful Substances in Interior Decoration Material Adhesive”
        Shanghai Group Standard T/310101002-C003-2016 “Quantity Limit of Harmful Substances in the Plastic Surface Layer of School Sports Grounds”
        Shenzhen Standard (Trial) “Ground Layer Quality Control Standard for Synthetic Material Sports Fields”
        Hunan Provincial Local Standard DB43/T1252-2017 “General Specification for the Ground Layer Quality Safety of School Synthetic Material Sports Fields”
        DBJ/13-250-2016 “Fujian Synthetic Material Sports Field Ground Layer Application Technology Regulations”

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